Design Your Own Athletic Wear

Could your brand benefit from having a new line of fitness or swimwear? Hingto provides a comprehensive service that allows you to design your own athletic wear with as much or as little creative input from you as you want. 

We can support companies with already established brands, those looking to begin their own line and those who want to get fitness apparel for their sporting team.

Every brand needs to start somewhere and Hingto is the ideal place to begin your own range, with great designs that are sure to be popular with customers.

Here are some examples of apparel that we can customise in small runs.

How does designing your own atheletic wear work?

We offer the following services, designed to offer differing levels of designer input and price line:

  • Template design customisation
  • Complete design customisation
  • Wholesale

With these options, you are able to customise our more standard options to design your own athletic wear line with freedom. These options have already been created by forward-thinking designers and you can add your own branding and colours to make it unique to you.

With Hingto, you are also able to completely design your own range custom activewear line. All we ask is a few quick questions and the sort of design you are after. You can send us a quick sketch or picture if you have it. We work with you to create a line that is unique to your brand’s image.

You might never have designed your own line of fitness apparel before. If you are inexperienced, we can support you throughout the process through our virtual fashion designer. Our online design software is also easy-to-use, and you will be able to envision what your finished product will look like.

For all of your designs, we can provide you with a sample so that you can see what your product will actually look like. These will come in a range of sizes. From this, you can either choose to make an order or you can make any changes that you think might be necessary.

Why choose Hingto to help design & manufacture your own athletic wear range?

Once you have made your order and submitted it online, we will contact you within 24 hours to check over the details and ensure everything is correct before we manufacture your products.

At Hingto, we are here to support you from beginning to end. Designing your own atheletic wear does not need to be daunting but can be enjoyable with you getting real satisfaction from seeing your vision through to completion.

For those with smaller businesses, we have a low minimum order quantity, so you can order and see how well your design sells and you do not have to feel that you are taking a massive risk.

Furthermore, we ensure that our workplace is ethical, and we have certificates for our quality control, so you can be confident that you are going to receive quality products each and every time you order.

Contact us today and we can begin to create your design. There is nothing that beats the feeling of seeing your own branded sportswear on the shelves and being enjoyed by customers.

Need some inspiration designing your own athletic wear?