Custom Branded Active & Swimwear Manufacturer

If you have your own sportswear brand and want to extend the line of clothing that you offer, you want to create your own brand or you simply want to have sportswear that features your own logo, Hingto can help.

We design and manufacture sportswear and swimwear for the wholesale market. If you are looking to have sportswear with my logo to represent your brand or team, look no further than Hingto.

Here are some examples of apparel that we can customise in small runs.

What kind of sportswear can you customise with your logo?

The easiest way to have your own sportswear with your chosen logo is to choose our template design customisation. You can simply pick one of our templates, choosing from a range of:

Within these categories, there are multiple designs to choose from. Using our online virtual fashion designer tool, you can customise your chosen pieces with your choice of colours, patterns and, most importantly, your logo to represent your brand or your team. All of our template designs offer trendy designs that function well as sportswear.

Why having your logo on sportswear is important

Having your logo visible is obviously great marketing as others will see the logo and the great design of your sportswear and want it for themselves. Being able to see the logo is also great for team sports as it gives a sense of unity.

If you would like to further customise your sportswear, while still adding your logo, you can choose our complete design customisation. Here, you will work with our designers to create your own range of sportswear that will be completely unique to your brand and logo. Our experienced designers can ensure that your sportswear is on-trend and will encourage customers to buy it, therefore making your business more profitable.

We offer samples of your sportswear for just $150. This will allow you to see for yourself the high-quality nature of the products we manufacture, and it will ensure you are happy with the design. When you complete your bulk order, this amount will then be refunded to you.

Why choose Hingto to customise sportswear with your logo?

Hingto makes everything as simple as possible for you to be able to create your own sportswear with your own logo. From being able to design online to our communication with you, you will know how far along in the process your design and order are.

We are committed to bringing you quality goods as we know this is what our and your customers want. Ultimately, this is what will encourage repeat business for you.

At Hingto, we are fully committed to working together to bring our clients the very best. We treat all our employees with respect, and we have an ethical workplace. What’s more, we always put 100% effort into each and every job, and with certificates for our quality control, you can be confident that you are going to have an order that meets and exceeds your expectations every time.

Contact us today and we look forward to creating your sportswear with your logo.

Need some inspiration for designing sportswear with your logo?