Custom Yoga Clothes

When you make an order with Hingto, you will have the peace of mind knowing you are buying from an ethical gym wear manufacturing company that provides its team with a happy workplace. Since our establishment back in 2009, one of the most popular areas of activewear that we provide clothing for is yoga. Our custom yoga clothes are crafted using the latest technology and also pioneering industry standards of social and environmental responsibility in the workplace.

Here are some examples of apparel that we can customise in small runs.

Custom Yoga Clothing Essentials

Over the past decade, yoga has become one of the most popular exercises for people to do at both gym classes and at home. It is designed to be calming and help with flexibility, but it can be tricky for beginners to know what they should wear if they are attending a class for the first time. Ultimately, custom yoga clothes should be comfortable, light, breathable and form-fitting, so that you can easily move around in them.

Top Tips To Know Before Creating Custom Yoga Clothes

  1. Choosing The Right Top - The first yoga clothing essential is a top. It is normally recommended to choose a fitted top that is made from a breathable material such as Lycra, nylon or cotton as these will ensure customers do not get too hot when holding poses. Designing your custom yoga clothes to be fitted also ensures that it is not going to move when doing inverted poses especially when manufacturing sportsbras, as these items have so support the body while moving. However, if it is Bikram or hot yoga, then cotton is not usually recommended as it can hold on sweat and make your top feel very uncomfortable. In terms of style, t-shirts and tank tops are both great options to choose for manufacturing and will appeal to the widest audience of yoga goers.
  2. Choosing The Right Bottoms - The next yoga essential is bottoms. These should be made from a comfortable and breathable material like Lycra, cotton, spandex or nylon and leggings are the most popular option. As they are being worn for yoga, it is vital that your custom yoga clothes provide a full range of motion. Popular styles that suit both plus size and normal sizes are full-length and cropped at the calf. Other popular styles to consider for manufacture are bicycle shorts that cut off just above the knee. Loose fitting shorts are not recommended for yoga. 

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