Small Run Clothing Manufacturers in Sydney

If you are just getting started in the world of sports-luxe or athleisure wear, then it’s incredibly important that you find the right small run clothing manufacturers in Sydney that can help you get your business of the ground. 

At Hingto Sportswear Co, we are passionate about forging partnerships with small businesses. The decisions that we make are made together and we ensure that we operate in an open and transparent manner so that you always know what is going on with your products. 

We know that not all small businesses have the same capital as the big brands, and we like to ensure that we have the options that can benefit our local entrepreneurs too. Our low minimum order quantity (MOQ) is perfect for that first order and our friendly, talented team is happy to work alongside you and give advice where needed at any stage of the process. 

Here are some examples of apparel that we can customise in small runs.

How to Find the Right Sydney Manufacturer for Your Small Business

Not all manufacturers are built the same and some are more geared towards big brands and some may just take advantage of the newer brands with inexperience. We want all of our activewear startups in Australia to succeed and that’s why we thought we should provide you with information on the best questions to ask when looking for a manufacturer, and you may see why we are the perfect fit for your brand. 

Always ask these questions before deciding on the activewear manufacturer for your brand:

Have you worked with small businesses or similar brands before? 

One of the first things you need to ascertain is if the company you choose has experience not just in the niche market that you are involved in, but also with companies of the same size. As one of Sydney’s most trusted womens & men's activewear manufacturers, you know that we have a lot of experience in what we are doing, and we don’t just work with the big guys either. We specialise in helping small sportswear businesses break into the market with custom apparel.

Do you have a maximum or minimum order quantity?

Almost all clothing manufacturing companies will have some sort of limit on the maximum and minimum number of pieces that you can order for them to supply you. This can often be a problem for small businesses if they don’t have the capital to go into full-scale production immediately. Lots of manufacturing companies in Sydney have a high MOQ (minimum order quantity) and this either makes small business owners stretched to their limit or completely unable to order that amount. At Hingto Sportswear Co, we have a relatively low MOQ when compared to other suppliers and for our template designs, you can order as little as 50 pieces of activewear for your business. This means you can test out your product success first before investing too heavily in it.

What information must I supply before you produce my order?

Designing and manufacturing clothes is no easy task and it’s important that you give your Sydney based small run clothing manufacturer the relevant information to ensure that your product comes out exactly the way that you want it to. Luckily for our clients, we have an online form already set up for personalised activewear where you can tell us as much as you want about your business, your clients base and exactly what you want. This makes the process quick and easy and we are able to get on the same page from the very beginning.

We Want to See Small Businesses Succeed

As you can tell, we are firmly in the court for small business and nothing makes us happier than our clients succeeding. Get in touch with us for all your small run needs! We look forward to taking your brand to the next level.

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