Launch your own private label fitness clothing brand in 8 steps

Launch your own private label fitness clothing brand in 8 steps

It doesn’t seem like all that long ago that exercise clothes were merely that: clothes that we exercised in. There wasn’t much thought put into how fashionable the clothes were, as long as they were comfortable for workouts.

Fashion and activewear didn’t always go hand-in-hand, however, that has all changed over the last couple of years. Better lifestyles and contemporary activewear are now a multi-million dollar industry and it isn’t set to slow down any time soon.

Activewear now doubles down as functional fashion, which simply means that you can rock it in the gym, at Crossfit, out for a run, but as importantly, you can also look great out and about doing your everyday activities.

As we enter a new decade, we’re glad to see that more people are signing up to gyms and trying to live a healthier lifestyle. This shift is reflected not just in more active participants on your evening run, but it also shows in wardrobes across the world.

The private label fitness clothing industry is booming and one of the best ways to become one of the successful brands or activewear manufacturers in Australia is to identify a gap in the market and take the step to fill it with your brand.

Here are 8 steps to launch your activewear brand:

1. Your Niche

 Let’s get straight to the point here; it’s unlikely that you are going to be competing with companies like Nike. So it is very important that before you begin the process of trying to become one of the successful creators or private label fitness apparel manufacturers in Australia that you identify a gap in the market and use your product to fill it.

2. Create your business plan

 Now that you’ve got your niche down, it’s time to start planning the intricacies of how you’re going to make your product a success. This comes down to having a thorough, well thought out business plan at the very beginning.

When creating your business plan, ask yourself (and your team) the following questions:

  • What are you selling and what is different from other activewear brands?
  • Who are you selling it to? This should include demographics, interests and income, etc. of your target audience.
  • Where is your target audience going to buy your line? Where is the best place for you to sell it?
  • How do you plan to sell it? What avenues are you going to use to advertise?

3. Brand style guide

 This is where you develop the look of your brand; it’s the outward-facing perception that all of your clients are going to know you for. Research the brand styles of lines that you already like: are they colourful and funky? Or clean and minimalistic? Researching the brands that you like the look of can give you inspiration and help you to get ideas about what you’d like your activewear brand to be synonymous with. Remember that your brand style guide must be used for anything that you do, from your website to your office stationery and everything else in between.

Your brand style guide should include:

  • Logos
  • Colour palette
  • Fonts - sizes, types and placements
  • Aesthetic

4. Product design

Now we’re at the fun part! It’s time to get those creative juices flowing and design your products. Make a vision board with all the looks that you love and other inspiration. Just remember that as an activewear brand your clothes have to be fashionable, but they have to be functional too.

Get a talented fashion designer in to help you bring your ideas to life. Trust that your designer knows what they are doing and you’ll soon have a whole variety of pieces from your range to look at and choose from. Discard anything that you don’t think works and try a number of combinations that you didn’t think would go together and you might be surprised.

Don’t forget to get a design pack from your designer to hand on to your manufacturers that will have in-depth instructions, suggestions and everything else that your manufacturer needs to know.


5. Source, quote and manufacture

From here you can send your design pack onto clothing and activewear manufacturers in Australia so that they know exactly what you are looking for in your label. Get quotes from a variety of companies and ensure that their brand values align with yours.

Following this, choose your fabrics and get quotes on your orders. It’s also incredibly important to get samples made to ensure that the products come out how you envisioned them.


Once you’ve settled on a manufacturer, it’s time to get down to the actual process. Manufacturing could take anything from a month and a half to three months but worry not; you won’t be sitting around twiddling your thumbs - you’ll be moving onto the next essential steps in your process. 

6. Marketing

Your ultimate goal is to sell your products, obviously, and for this to happen, you have to get your products seen by the right people at the right time. You must work out a marketing plan to increase your brand’s visibility that gets seen by your target market in the places that they are most likely to shop.

Create a holistic marketing plan with a budget that can cover all aspects such as Google Ads, SEO, social media, catalogues and any other advertising that you are going to need to ensure your product connects with your audience and that your sales increase.

 7. Ecommerce

Online platforms and Ecommerce have changed the selling game and you simply have to implement it if you are going to be successful. Look at your own online shop from your site with products like Shopify.

Ensure that your website is easy to navigate, user-friendly and has a fast upload speed to make sure that customers are staying on your site to shop for as long as possible. Also keep in mind that you can outsource online too and sell your clothing in places like Takealot, Amazon and other online shopping platforms.

8. Exceeding expectations

One of the biggest problems that new business owners encounter comes at the final stages, where their packaging, shipping system and return policies fail them. Try to exceed your customers’ expectations with your final product delivery: ensure your packaging reflects your brand identity, that you use a reliable and fast shipping service that arrives on time and that you are organised when it comes to resizing and returns that have to be traded in and sent out again. Falling flat on this last phase could cause you to damage all the hard work that you’ve done before now.

Easy design, tech packs, templates and manufacturing

Creating an activewear range takes a lot of hard work and dedication and can be a long and sometimes overwhelming process, but that’s why we’re here. At Hingto, we offer a full-service range for individuals and companies that are looking for a streamlined way to create a unique, high-quality product that sells.

If you’re starting a gym clothing brand, we are your one-stop-shop to get you off the ground. We have everything from design experts, templates, tech packs, wholesale services and some of the best small run clothing manufacturers in Australia all under one roof.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about how we can help you get your activewear brand up and running. We can't wait to start this with you!