Private Label Clothing Manufacturer

At Hingto, we provide designing and manufacturing services for private label fitness apparel.

If you are looking for private label fitness apparel manufacturers, look no further than Hingto. We offer a complete service to you, with low prices meaning that you can get the biggest profit margins.

Here are some examples of apparel that we can customise in small runs.

What can Hingto offer as a private label fitness apparel manufacturer?

We will manufacture your custom gym clothes to your specifications. We have a variety of options available to you, including customisable options on our huge range of fitness apparel from track pants to swimwear and many items in between. This means you can easily add your brand’s colours, logo and your choice of pattern to any of our items, which will make them unique to your private label.

The process is really very simple. You can create and see what your range of fitness apparel will look like online by changing the colours on the wide variety of sportswear available. This will allow you to choose colours that complement your private label and are known as being your brand.

Get Full Design Customisation Working With A Private Label Fitness Apparel Manufacturer

At Hingto, we also provide a complete design customisation option, where our designers will work with your private label to completely design your own range of fitness apparel, add your logo to any sportswear and manufacture it for you.

Our designers are experienced and creative, with a real passion for creating stunning sportswear that is popular with customers, along with being trendy.

To see the high quality of our private label fitness clothing for yourself, you can order a sample to see how your private label fitness apparel will look and perform. We offer this at the low cost of $150 and your sample payment will be refunded once you make a bulk order.

We also have low minimum order quantities, which is perfect for those companies who are just starting out with their private label.

Hingto: the premium company for private label fitness apparel manufacturing

If you are looking for private label fitness apparel manufacturers in Australia or anywhere throughout the world, Hingto can offer you the designing and manufacturing service that you need in order to get your label to succeed. Based in China, we are in the manufacturing capital and therefore we can offer you quality products at low prices.

However, we make our workplace as ethical as possible. Our team are happy, and we work together to create an environment that is fair.

A private label fitness apparel manufacturer that guarantees quality products

Our on-trend products and fashion-conscious designers will ensure you have a product that is popular with your customers. Best of all, all of the fitness apparel that we manufacture is top quality, meaning that your private label will become synonymous with being a quality product and you can enjoy repeat customers.

As we work with you at every stage, we work hard to ensure that you are completely satisfied. We are proud of our commitment to being accountable and we deliver what we promise we will when manufacturing your private label fitness clothing

For fitness apparel that your customers will want to wear, choose Hingto and enjoy the success of your private label.

Need some inspiration for your fitness label?