Wholesale Custom Equestrian Clothing

Australia counts over 400,000 horse owners and no less than 148,800 horse riders aged 15 or over who enjoy equestrian activities in a recreational and/or professional quality. Whether you are a horse owner, an equestrian business owner or even a riding enthusiast, you need to find reliable equestrian clothing for yourself or your clients. Where do you start looking for high value and quality wholesale equestrian clothing
equestrian clothing girl riding on horse over horse jump

Most popular materials in equestrian wholesale wear

Horse riding requires specific equestrian clothing that adapts to the activity, the rider’s preferences and features. As a result, wholesale equestrian clothing suppliers offer a vast range of materials, including:

  • Moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating technical fabrics such as Lycra, nylon and polyester
  • Breathable cotton 
  • Breathable cotton blends, including spandex or stretch-similar features

What equestrian clothing style do riders prefer?

It is worth mentioning that riding encompasses various activities, some of which are heavily regulated when it comes to the choice of outfits. Outfits need to be reliable and of high quality regardless of their purpose. 

  • Dressage expresses elegance and focuses on a plain riding jacket with metal buckles, traditional breeches, suitable riding hat but no helmet, and tall dark dress boots. 
  • Endurance riding is all about technical and flexible wear, a protective helmet, and all-weather riding boots. 
  • Show-jumping combines the practical endurance outfit with dressage elegance. They wear protective headgear and plain riding boots. 
  • Cross-country can be informal, preferring comfortable outfits without compromising safety gear. 

What to look for in wholesale equestrian clothing

A trusted equestrian clothing supplier will provide a range of sizes, styles, and materials suitable for all riding activities and riders’ age and budget. Remember to pay close attention to the delivery and customer services. 

Hopefully, this brief overview can help you navigate the complex equestrian clothing sector safely. A good supplier should be able to assist with different materials, styles, and budget requirements.