Template Design Customization


1. Select the design

2. Choose your colours

3. Add your logo & move to the location you desire

4. Select your sizes to cover the MOQ

5. Pay using our secure system

6. Await tracking number

7. Your order will be delivered within 40* days


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Complete Design Customization


1. Fill in the survey with as much information as possible

2. A team member will contact you

3. Discuss details and prepare for sample

4. Make sample payment

5. Within 14* days, your order will be delivered

6. Once sample is approved ..

7. Payment is made & product begins


Quick-turn Around

Secure Payment

Guarenteed Quality


Our Wholesale Account holders, have access to a simple system, designed to give our clients quality products, quickly.

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Quick-turn Around

Secure Payment

Guarenteed Quality