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What's a Tech Pack? A Tech Pack is a design document that states all of the necessary information for our factory to develop your sample or bulk order.

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After filling in the above form, we will contact you and request you to email us your ideas. This can be a drawing, image, inspiration photo, sketch etc. We will be able to give you specific information based on your unqiue idea.

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We will walk you through the following steps

Stage 1 - Tech Pack Creation

A Tech Pack (also known as a Technical Package) is the first step in the process.
This is when we create a formal document, with all information about your design, necessary for our development
team to make your product. *No design skills necessary

Stage 2 - Sampling Development

Once your Tech Pack has been finalised, we can move into this stage - Sampling.
Once we submit your sample, you will receive your sample within 4* weeks of submission

Stage 3 - Bulk Production

This is the final stage. Once your sample has been approved, we will send the final bulk order invoice.
Payment terms: 50% upfront and 50% as production is being finalised.

You receive your shipment

Congratulations, you have designed and developed your own ethical custom apparel product/s.
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