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Our Mission & Values

Our mission here at Hingto, is to inspire, create and watch the end result come to life. Our vision and values are the most important part of our company, as it is something we truely stand by. From ethical manufacturing, to a happy workplace, Hingto's number one priority is our clients and our team.

Hingto Sportswear Co. is a leading manufacturer specialising in the athleisure category. From activewear to sportswear, and everything in-between, our mission is to work with our clients to create everything they aspire to do.

Established in 2009, with over 10 years of experience, Hingto has developed a large team of designers and industry specialists, to provide our clients with start to end services. Hingto strives to design a range of activewear and simwear for men, women and children, plus a range of other gym products. Hingto invests in craft, design and technology while continuing to pioneer industry standards of social and environmental responsibility in the workplace.

Since Hingto was founded in the major city of Hong Kong, it has quickly developed, moving to a larger facility in one of the largest manufacturing capitals of China. Now based in Guangzhou, we have the capability to manufacturer a very large capacity. The possibilities are endless.

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